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The word „bhavana“ comes from the Pali language and means „the cultivation of mind“, or „improving  good qualities of mind“. It is also often translated as „meditation“ or „direct experiencing of reality“.

The word „vipassana“ means "insight". It can also be translated as „seeing things as they really are“. It is the very core of the Buddha´s teaching (Dhamma), which leads to freedom from wrong views and unskilful habits of mind.


If you are interested in the practice of meditation we recommend to attend a vipassana course. That is the best way to put theory into the practice (send us an email to get regular updates on our current retreat schedule). If you prefer to practice on your own listen to the "First instruction" from Ashin Tejaniya or see the FREE BOOKS (these can be free-downloaded or you can order hard copies for free too to be sent via post).

In these pages we introduce vipassana TEACHERS we have met – we have tried their approaches, and because we have found them useful we would like to share our experiences with others. We invite these teachers to lead meditation retreats in Europe. These retreats are open to the general public. Sometimes these teachers are not yet well known in Europe (but elsewhere they are well respected which is how we found them). So we support their teaching also by translating and publishing  their BOOKS.

The traditional „vipassana countries“ where the teaching is still alive are in South and South-East Asia i.e. Burma (now Myanmar), Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India and Vietnam. Here, the teaching is still available in its original form known as „theravada“ as was taught by the historical Buddha Gautama around 2,500 years ago and written in the „Pali Canon“ (tipitaka). Vipassana started spreading from these countries to the other parts of the world in the second half of the 20-th century. Now it is well known in Europe, USA, Australia, ... etc.

Currently, we especially support the teaching of Ashin Tejaniya (also known as Sayadaw U Tejaniya) – a buddhist monk and vipassana teacher from Burma. In April/May 2011 we held a 2-week vipassana retreat with him and hope to have more in the future. For more information about Ashin Tejaniya see BOOKS and audio files from the retreat in section DHAMMA.

All Bhavana activities are carried out by volunteers and supported from voluntary donations.

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