Don´t Look Down on the Defilements - They Will Laugh at You

( Instructions for mindfulness meditation - vipassana )

AuthorAshin Tejaniya  (2006)
Description:  it contains guidance on understanding the defilements, establishing right attitude, the right effort of continuity, the mind work of meditation, dealing with pain, posture, sounds and the wandering of the mind and the development of wisdom. Lots of food for thought that supports the mindfulness practice. This book was known as the Blue Booklet. Now re-edited including illustrations by Tuck Loon.

Size: 18x18cm  (7x7 inch) – paperback
Pages: 192 p.
Price:  Free

Dhamma Everywhere

( Welcoming each moment with Awareness + Wisdom )

AuthorAshin Tejaniya  (2011)

Description:  Ashin Tejaniya´s latest book in English is a collection of teachings from several sources and contexts including translations from Burmese: Sayadaw’s little blue book on meditation and selected Dhamma discussions and morning Dhamma reminders at the Shwe Oo Min Dhamma Sukha Tawya Meditation Center. Includes photographs.

Size: 17x17cm  (6.5x6.5 inch) – paperback
Pages: 240 p.
Price:  Free

Awareness Alone is Not Enough

( Questions and answers on mindfulness meditation - vipassana )

AuthorAshin Tejaniya  (2008)

Description:  a transcript of practice discussions with students and contains pragmatic advice on mindfulness practice, making skillful, continuous effort, the need for and development of right understanding, etc. Recorded on Sayadaw’s 2007 trips abroad with Western students in residential and non-residential practice settings. Includes photographs.

Size: 18x18cm  (7x7 inch) – paperback

Pages: 240 p.

Price:  Free

Vipassana Insight Knowledge

Author: Steve Armstrong

Description: Bilingual publication. Book is based on audio record of Dhamma talk given by Steve Armstrong on medition retreat, which took place in Czech Rep. in october 2010.

Price: Free

Type: ilustrated paperback

Pages: 27 p.

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In electronic format (PDF) -  download here....


What is the right attitude for meditation? (Leaflet)

AuthorAshin Tejaniya

Description: Leaflet contains 23 points for setting the right attitude to the meditation practice. Basic advices to work with the mind.

In electronic format (PDF) -  download here...


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